Monday, August 18, 2008

18 screenings, 15 cities, 2 months!

It has been a packed two months of screenings for the film - in Germany, USA and India. And more screenings scheduled -

Calendar of Screenings:

June 28 – Paribesh Bhavan, Kolkata (organized by SAATHII and Kolkata Rishta)

July 10 – India International Center, New Delhi (organized by Magic Lantern
July 11 - Kriti Film Club, New Delhi, India (organized by Kriti Film Club)
July 11 - MGM premium theater, Chennai (in partnership with SIAAP)
July 18 - Bollywood & Beyond Festival, Stuttgart, Germany
July 25 - IMA Hall, Nagpur (in partnership with Saarthi Trust)
July 29 – National Film Archives, Pune (in partnership with Samapathik Trust)
August 6 - Rajkot Engineering Association,Rajkot (in partnership with Lakshya Trust)
August 8 – Mehta Hall, Baroda, India (in partnership with Lakshya Trust )
August 10 – Nigah Queer Fest, New Delhi, India
August 15 - Chicago Illinois University, USA
August 16 – Washington DC, USA

Coming up are 5 more screenings in Bangalore, Mandya and New York:

August 19 – Alliance Franchise, Bangalore, India (organized by Sangama)
August 19 – Two Boots Pioneer Theater, New York (organized by Alwan for the Arts
and 3rd I NY)
August 23 - Kalabhavan, Mandya, India (organized by Rotary Club & IMA)
August 28 – Good as You office, Bangalore (organized by ALF and Good As You)
August 30 – IAT, Bangalore (organized by Pedestrian Pictures)