Saturday, July 5, 2008

Time Out Mumbai

Time Out Mumbai

June 27-July10, 2008

From male Rekha imitators to gay executives, director Sridhar Rangayan has depicted a range of homosexual exeperiences in his films. 68 Pages is his third movie after Gulabi Aaina, about drag queens, and Yours Emotionally!, about a gay affair British tourist and an Indian male. Rangayan’s new feature, 68 Pages, is about the lives of five HIV-positive individuals as told by counselor (Mouli Ganguly). The stories are of corporate employee Nishit (Zafar Karachiwala), prostitute Payal (Jayati Bhatia), transsexual bar dancer Umrao (Uday Sonawane), gay researcher Kiran (Joy Sengupta) and municipal sweeper Nathu (Abhay Kulkarni). The storytelling style is as basic as the aesthetics, but some episodes are moving, especially those of Umrao and Payal. 68 Pages is scheduled to be screened on June 26 at a city multiplex. A DVD release is also planned.

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Nick said...

Dear Mr. Rangan, I am Nicky an Indian staying in UAE.

I am really happy to see your hard work finely on big screen, and this hardwork and wait will pay you very good result...

Please do let me know when will be 68 Pages dvd will be avaliable for sale..

wish you lots of luck.



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