Thursday, January 1, 2009

Screening at Habitat Center, Delhi

Screening at Habitat Center, Delhi on Dec 1, 2008 ; Organized by UNDP

From the Comment Book:

The film is excellent, very well directed and will definitely educate the common man
~ Ruchi

The story is well told. Very well formatted. Should try commercial release
~ Dipesh Roy

A beautiful film. Touching, heart-rendering and thought provoking
~ Smitha Verma

A real and difficult story, well told!
~ Jaya

Great movie
~ Amita

I want to congratulate the director for making such a beautiful film
~ Nalini

Clever, interesting and beautiful
~ Priya

Loved the film so so much. Cheers
~ Sujal

Very effective presentation of the issue
~ Ravindra Beleyur

Very good film to mainstream these issues with general public
~ Shishir seth

Very nice picture and role of counselor is good
~ Dilip

Great documentary. Thanks for portraying the counselors
~ Dushyant

The film is very interesting and knowledgeful. The work used ‘chocolate’ can be replaced by condom. Will be more effective
~ A Krishnamurthy

Touched sensitive issues efficiently
~ Rakesh

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