Monday, July 5, 2010

68 Pages Review on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars

Based on true stories

August 14, 2009

By Shannon B "Shannon the physicist" (Seattle, WA USA)

This review is from: 68 Pages (DVD)

68 Pages is based on true stories from the diary of an HIV worker, you see into the lives of real people, how HIV invaded their life, and the effects of that diagnosis. In the process you get a wonderful first person look into the gay and transgender communities in India. These stories touch your heart on a deeply emotional level. Because these are based on real people, the characters and how they develop in the film is very natural, and have great depth so that you are as devastated as they are by the diagnosis of HIV. The characters and their interpersonal interactions are not contrived like so many written scripts, but come across as authentic. The actors in these roles show the talent that has developed in the India film community, portraying their characters with integrity and authenticity that connects with the audience. In the process you see into the life and day to day interactions of gay and transgender people in contemporary society. It is every bit as effective as a cultural expose as it is an educational film on HIV.

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